Young people with autism are quirky and authentic and often have extraordinary creative talent. Yet they are often distanced from the labor market, causing them to sit at home or have to go to day care where they are not challenged.

LOLEA therefore gives these young people a stage to be able to show their creative talent to the world though. We create innovative clothing for everyone with their quirky designs. So for young and old and every gender in every size.

The apparel industry is new to us. So we start with a single sweater and steadily grow our collection. Needless to say, all clothing is made of ecologically grown cotton.

LOLEA is a clothing label featuring designs by young people with autism.


Who are we?

Filemon Wesselink worked as a TV presenter at BNN-VARA where he made programs such as “It’s Autistic Here. Now he works at broadcaster Powned. 

Ramona Lauw has worked as a fashion photo model and as a project manager in advertising agencies. Now she studies psychology at the Open University Amsterdam and is a photographer at Lauw Plaatje.

We are very much looking forward to this new adventure!

Ramona & Filemon